Preisträger SNG Stipendium


Research project

"Slow-wave Sleep and its Therapeutic Potential in Parkinson Disease"


Dr. med. Simon Schreiner





Research project

"Chronobiology of Epilepsy"


MD PhD Maxime Baud





"Towards understanding mechanism and outcome of intracerebral haemorrhage in patients taking oral anticoagulants"

Dr. med. David Seiffge, Basel



„Exploring the social brain: Integration of electrophysiology with diffusion tensor imaging“
Dr.  med. Arseny Sokolov, Lausanne




"Der Einfluss von Dopamin auf die kortikale Plastizität und striatale Ultrastruktur bei Dopamin-responsiven Dystonien"

Dr. med. Sebastian Schreglmann, St. Gallen




"Sensorimotor integration in primary dystonia – its relevance for the sensory trick"
Dr. med. Florian Brugger, St. Gallen

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