Board Exam for Specialist Certification in Neurology

Registration as board-certified specialist in neurology is contingent upon passing the neurology board exam (eligibility for exemptions and transitional provisions: Swiss Medical Journal – Schweizerische Ärztezeitung Nr.4, January 26th 2011).


Starting January 1st 2010, board-exam eligibility is restricted to doctors who hold a Swiss medical license or a foreign medical license approved by the BAG (art. 23 WBO). Transitional provisions are laid out in art. 69 sect. 3 WBO.


It is recommended that candidates sit for the board exam in their last year of postgraduate neurology training or after completion thereof. The written test of the exam can be taken sooner, with the oral and practical part of the exam having to follow within 3 years (Training Program Specialist Neurology 4.5.1 - Weiterbildungsprogramm Facharzt Neurologie 4.5.1)