Code of Conduct

Members of the SNS Executive Committee (EC) are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. To ensure a strong and successful organisation, our activities require honesty, equity and transparency. For this purpose, the SNS has established a Code of Conduct.


Please find here the Code of Conduct of the SNS:


The declaration form for interests is an important component of the SNS Code of Conduct.

Enclosed you will find the completed declaration forms of the Executive Committee (EC):


CoI Forms of the Board Members

CoI H. Jung

CoI D. Wiest

CoI P. Sandor 

CoI U. Fischer

CoI A. Humm

CoI A. Kleinschmidt

CoI J. Morier

CoI C. Gobbi

CoI Ph. Balcerak

CoI H. Grossmann